środa, 4 listopada 2009

The Everybodyfields - 2007 - Nothing Is Okay

Big thanks to David McWilliams for introducing me to this amazing band!!

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piątek, 25 września 2009

Gap year plans

Planning my trip around the globe... Starting in February 2010
South America -->> February
Easter Island -->> May
Tahiti -->> May
New Zealand -->> May
Australia -->> June
Hong Kong --> August
Bangkok-->> August
Bombay -->> September

Anyone willing to help or give some advices please get in touch with me :)

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Volcano Choir - 2009 - Unmap


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niedziela, 30 sierpnia 2009


Attention - this is highly recommended!!!!!


"Now this is exciting stuff!
TMGS are a Belgian band producing music with its roots firmly in American soil (think Wilco and Richmond Fontaine together with The Fleet Foxes and The Sadies playing on a premiere of a film with a Morricone soundtrack…)

But even more so, they have the tendency to write songs as if it were movies.
Listening to TMGS’ 2007 “Open Road (again)” album is like watching a road movie full of desperate people looking for a better place. It’s like a carride (top down) that takes you across nationwide, from city to countryside and back again.

Their full blown sound works well with their melancholic voices and the heartfelt stories they write. TMGS are currently recording a new album (listen to the very promising demotrack “Astronaut Satellite”) and they released a brand new single to keep us warm; “New Horizon”, a broody track filled with drifting emotions.

And it’s all here for you to experience!"

TMGS myspace - www.myspace.com/moegreenespecials

TMGS - 2005 - The Moe Greene Specials


Get it from CDBaby - https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/theMOEGREENESPECIALS
or Green Cookie Rec. - http://greencookie.gr/shop/product_info.php?products_id=42

"It's certainly the best spaghetti western album that Enrio Morricone never made and, to my ears at least, better than any of the albums he did make." Pipeline magazine UK

TMGS - 2007 - Open Road (Again)

TMGS - 2009 - New Horizon (single)


New track - Astronaut/Satellite (2009)

ALL IN ONE PACK - http://rapidshare.com/files/273328680/TMGS__pack_.rar

Big thanks to Marc for introducing me to this great band and for the review! All the music has been provided by the band so enjoy it and support them!!

piątek, 8 maja 2009

The Duhks - Fast Paced World (2008)

Try it!!!

Go To Blazes - Waiting Around For The Crash (1996)

Link taken down on the request of Ted Pappadapoulos from Go To Blazes. Go and grab your copy from the CD store.

Go To Blazes - And Other Crimes (1995)

Link taken down on the request of Ted Pappadapoulos from Go To Blazes. Go and grab your copy from the CD store.

The Steeldrivers - The Steeldrivers (2008)

Try it!!!