piątek, 25 września 2009

Gap year plans

Planning my trip around the globe... Starting in February 2010
South America -->> February
Easter Island -->> May
Tahiti -->> May
New Zealand -->> May
Australia -->> June
Hong Kong --> August
Bangkok-->> August
Bombay -->> September

Anyone willing to help or give some advices please get in touch with me :)

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goodbye nashville pisze...

here is some advice enjoy it and cherish it man

Anonimowy pisze...

enjoy your trip!!! we will wait for you :)

Pablo pisze...

Woa! Hell of a trip you're planning!!! If Buenos Aires it's in your South America plan come to Mundo Bizarro and get a drink http://www.myspace.com/mundobizarrobar

pishtaco pisze...

Thanks guys! Of course Buenos Aires is on my route! I'm actually planning to spend as much time as possible in Argentina (you know... Cortazar and yerba mate;)). I'll try to make my way to Mundo Bizarro in Buenos then!!! Cheers!

Forest pisze...

Have a safe trip!;)

gusta pisze...

Howdy, buddy! I'm from Argentina and live in Santiago, Chile, so I can give you a few tips about both countries. Of course you have to go to Buenos Aires, it's a hell of a great city. You could also try Mendoza, very near the Chilean border. It's kind of a shit hole, but there are chicks to die for. And of course there's Santiago and a couple other cities in Chile. Keep in touch! Gustavo

pishtaco pisze...

Hi Gustavo! oh man, I'm really looking forward to see Chile and Argentina!! Actually those two countries are the ones I want to see the most. I've been dreaming about seeing them for ages and now the dream comes true! We're landing in Rio on the 7th of February 2010 and staying in South America for 3 months. Our last stop on the continent is Santiago so I could use some tips from you about Argentina and Chile (where to stay, what to see, how to travel). I'm really happy you wrote your comment! We have to keep in touch and meet up for a drink somewhere in Santiago! Cheers!

gusta pisze...

Sure, man, let's keep in touch. We can have a few beers over Hellfire hymns when you come down to the Other America. Keep it up!